Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! As of 10/11/2019, all transaction fees are non-refundable.  This is due to the recent changes made by payment processors and the changing of their policies.  Payment processors are no longer refunding fees so we will not be able to refund those fees accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


1. We offer various ways for collectors to place pre-orders / orders through Heroes Collectibles

  • One Time Deposit - You will be paying an upfront deposit to secure your choice of collectible. Remaining amount and shipping cost will be due when the collectible is ready to ship.
  • Full Payment - You will be paying for the full price to secure your choice of collectible and enjoy a greater discount (if any). Shipping cost will be due when the collectible is ready to ship.
  • Payment Plan - You will be paying for an initial deposit to secure your choice of collectibles. You agree to commit to a monthly payment plan to complete paying off the statue. If shipping cost is not included in the payment plan, shipping cost will be due when it is ready to ship. 

2. For One Time Deposit order, any deposit made is non-refundable.

3. For Full Payment order

  • (Not ready to ship) the non-refundable deposit will be based on the One Time Deposit amount.
  • (Ready to ship) 50% of the Statue price is non-refundable

4. For Payment Plan order

  • (Not ready to ship) Deposit amount is non-refundable.
  • (Ready to ship) 50% of the Statue price is non-refundable

5. Shipping cost (unless stated otherwise) is not included in the preorder. Shipping cost will be paid by buyer when the collectible is ready to ship.

6. In the event of a product price increase decided by the toy company, committed buyers are subjected to the new revised price.

7. When buyer is notified to make the final payment, payment must be made within 21 days. Any payment made after Day 21 will not be accepted and preorder will be deemed as forfeited.

8. Heroes Collectibles will not be liable should the toy company seized its operation or closed down. Clause (3) will not be enforceable and all deposits and/or payments are non-refundable.



1. All items (unless otherwise stated) are shipped in brand new sealed condition. Should there be any damaged parts, any replacement part requested is subjected to the approval of the toy company. Buyer has to bare for the shipping cost of the replacement part.

2. If replacement is not possible, the customer can engage a professional painter/repairer to fix the problem. Heroes Collectibles will access the problem and may provide a partial refund as compensation.

3. If the item is lost in transit and insured, a refund or replacement will be given to the customer based on the shipping declared value. Customer has to opt for insurance coverage.

4. If the item is lost in transit and not insured, any claim is subjected to shipping company discretion and any successful claims are likely a small fraction of the declared value.